Friday, May 15, 2020

This is Classified (and My Giveaway Results)

Here in Utah Craigslist isn't very widely used. Facebook might be used as a marketplace; I'm not sure because I don't have a Facebook account. But the most popular choice in these parts when it comes to classifieds is KSL. KSL is just a local news station, but its website has a great classified section. It's fairly common to hear somebody, "I got it on KSL." I have bought and sold many things on KSL, but I have never bought cards there. I've sold cards on KSL, and I've browsed around the offerings, but I always find that most people don't have a clue what cards are worth. For example, there is currently an ad on the site selling a 2015 Bowman Joc Pederson rookie for $30. But a couple of days ago, I got on and found something that caught my eye.

Somebody was selling some boxes of random football cards. I worked out a deal for two of the boxes and

a box of 1991 Fleer. It turns out that it is four packs shy of a full box, but at least I don't have to worry about a pack searcher removing all the hits before passing it on to me with 91 Fleer. I know it gets a bad rap, but I agree with Fuji and I kind of enjoy the yellow borders. It's both distinctive and nostalgic for me. I don't really have any plans for these cards yet because I don't think I'll be building the set. I'm just wanting a fun break. So dust off 1991 Fleer wantlists, because I'll probably find something you need.

I don't know yet what is in these boxes beyond what I can see on the ends. But there are approximately 2200 cards for me to go through. Throw in a fun wax break, and I figure if I can find a couple hundred keepers, then I've got my money's worth. Either way, I usually treat myself to a break on the last day of school, so this will do it for this year.


So, I've been running a giveaway for the past little while. To enter, you needed to write a post about a unique, non-sports card collection and post a link on my post. I'll pick three winners to receive one of the cards above. Since Fuji was the only one to post a link in a comment, he's our #1 winner. Congratulations, Fuji! You get first pick. For the others, I have identified a few people who have written their own post. If you wrote one and I didn't see you and put you on the list, I'm sorry--but you didn't give me a link.

Here are our participants:

And after randomizing the list, we get:

Bo and Billy round out the winners. So Fuji, let me know which card you want. Then Bo, you get the second choice. Billy, I'll send you the last one. Will each of you also please send me your address at tntcardsstg at gmail? Thanks for those who played along. I enjoyed seeing your other collections. It seems that collectors of one thing usually have something else they collect, as well, and it was fun to see what all of you have.


  1. I agree... I think '91 is actually an underrated set. I don't think it deserves all the negativity it gets.

  2. Thanks for the contest but you can let Jon pick instead of me - I don't collect these (but have my eye out for any for you).

  3. Hope you find some great cards in those containers!

  4. Oh man, do I have a few $30 Joc Pederson 2015 Bowmans for somebody in Utah!

  5. Wow. I won? Thanks for the contest and inspiring the BBA. I'll choose the middle one. I like seeing the pay phone... which is something that's slowly disappearing from my area.

    As for your haul... I hope you find some goodies. I remember when Target had these very cool Collector's Cache boxes back in 2013. They featured packs of 2003 Flair box toppers with either a jersey card or autograph. I pulled some very cool stuff from those boxes:

  6. I actually need a couple of cards from the '91 Fleer set, though I've been loathe to want to pay even ten cents apiece to get them (I don't have any fond memories of that set). Those cache totes should be fun, and hopefully they'll yield some needs for you.

  7. I love going through boxes like these. Never know what you might find! Have fun with them! congrats to the winners as well! I've never been good with batarounds. I'm an evening blogger who ever knows when I will have the time to do so. It just kinda happens.