Friday, October 7, 2016

A Somewhat Lopsdided Card Trade Come to Life (1980s and 1990s All-Decade)

Bo, the proprietor of Baseball Cards Come to Life, recently posted some of his new acquisitions of players he didn't care for much.  I commented on his post that every single one of the cards he posted could fit easily into my collection.  That never happens, that someone posts a bunch of cards that I PC all of them.  He responded that those cards weren't available, but he had some stuff I might like.  And just like that, our first trade was born.

I sent him about 75 cards, mostly commons, to check off some of his sets he was building.  He told me he'd pull a similar number of cards for me.  Well, I don't think this was a fair trade.  This is what I got in return for my 75 cards:

About 150 cards, mostly of Hall of Famers and legends.  For 75 2015 Topps flagship base cards?  What am I supposed to do with this?  If subsequent trades go like this, I will probably die owing Mr. Bo more cards than I can imagine. 

All kidding aside, Bo more than came through in this trade and I appreciate his addition to my collection.  I'm going to break this trade into separate posts. 

Here are the All 1980s representatives that I got from Bo.

I'm pretty sure a lot of these cards were in my collection, way back when I was a kid.  In fact, that Sean Landeta looks familiar to me, and 1988 Topps were the first cards I ever got.  Regardless, all of these cards are new to the binder.

Here are a few guys who spanned the decades, finding a place on both the 80s and 90s teams.  Love the Reggie White, as it is probably one of the first cards to feature him in the green and gold after his history-altering signing with the Pack.

Cool oddball Dominos Pizza card of Elway.  Bo actually sent me several of those Dominos Cards, and they're a welcome addition.  The Thurman Thomas and Cris Carter Silver Set are part of a redemption set Upper Deck gave from Touchdown Predictor cards.  You would pull a card with a player and a date, and if the player scored on that date, you could redeem for the whole set.  If I remember correctly, the set included a special "Touchdown" card of the player who was redeemed.

And here is an all 90s guy and Packer legend.  But seeing Brett in purple makes me cringe.  Will these two go into my binder?  Probably not, though technically they should.  Hey, my binder, my rules.  And I can break them if I want.

I present the rest of this trade later, as Bo hit many more football and baseball needs for me.  Thanks, Bo! 

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