Friday, October 7, 2016

More of a Birthday Blast(er)

Last week I had a birthday, and I used a nice rebate check from a utility company to treat myself to some cards.  I found out that Wildwood Enterprises was running a deal that was $15 off a purchase of $100.  Wildwood specializes in retail boxes and they usually have some good deals on selected products, but they don't carry a lot of variety in their inventory.  With the coupon, I picked up 2 blasters of 2016 Panini Classics football, 4 blasters of 2016 Panini football, and a retail box of Topps Bunt.  With the coupon special, I ended up getting the 7 boxes for about $15 per box.  It sure beat heading to the local store and paying a bit more per box.  Anyway, I'm trying to pace myself so I have something to break when I get the itch.  I'll share my findings with you as I go.

Here is the second box of Panini Classics.

Pack 1

The insert and the rookie are both pretty good subjects to have on a card.  It's my first Sterling Shepard, and I've been impressed with his play thus far in his short career.

Pack 2

Another solid rookie.  Dak has been surprising.  I thought he was a bit underrated entering the draft, but I never expected him to look like a veteran from Day 1.  The Emmitt and Deion will go into my 1990s binder.  This was just a pretty good Cowboys pack, wasn't it?

Pack 3

There's a blue back of Fred Taylor's son, Kelvin.  I've always been a sucker for a good running back, and Earl Campbell is one guy I wish I had been able to see play. 

Pack 4

Three cards to go into binders for me here, LaDainian Tomlinson, Shannon Sharpe, and Cris Carter.  Here is the first rookie of this box who didn't ring a bell for me.  Daniel Lasco was drafted by the Saints, if anybody is wondering.

Pack 5

Another Earl Campbell, this time in the form of an insert.  The first Packer of the box comes in the form of Antonio Freeman.  A great player yes, but a Legend?  Not sure I agree with that.  Devontae Booker will probably be unloaded to some local Ute collector, unless somebody here wants it.

Pack 6

Another blue back, this time of Willie McGinest.  For a guy who collected through the 90s, I was surprised to find that the base and this parallel from this box are the first 2 McGinests that I own.  I'm not overly attached, however, so if some Pats fan out there wants them, they're available.  Does anybody out there collect Patriots?  I know there are lots of Red Sox bloggers out there, but I don't know if any of them collect football.

Pack 7

Strahan will go in my binder.  The Team Tributes card seems odd to me, as a tribute to historical team that is pretty much still intact.

Pack 8

Darrell Green will go in my 1990s binder.  The rest are available.

So there is Box #2 of my birthday blaster splurge.  Those are the only 2 Classics that I picked up, but I kind of wish I had gotten more.  I won't be chasing this set, so most of these cards are up for trade (including those in the last post), except where I noted. 

I'll probably hit the Topps Bunt box next.  Until then.


  1. I'm going to buy some boxes of Classics soon. I've probably got several of your player collection guys in my tradeables to send you (Bo, Julio Franco, George Foster etc.). I'll check back when I figure out what I still lack from Classics.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Just realized that went my blogroll went down you were taken off!!! ahhh! Now you're back on! No more missing posts lol

    Posting our trade today