Monday, October 24, 2016

Cards from the SCC...That I Would Never Buy Myself

My latest trade is my first with blogger/review/contest holder extraordinaire, Sport Card Collectors.  It was a good trade to get, too, because he sent me some products that I will probably never break on my own.

The Panini Elite is a nice-looking product, but I will probably never buy it.  I got a couple of inserts here, though with SCC going back to the 70s with Terry Bradshaw and adding to my 2000s binder with Derrick Brooks.  I have a bunch of last year's Clear Vision, but only from grab bags at the local card show.  I've never actually ripped a pack.  Here are a couple of serial numbered parallels (?).  Tony Dorsett is a guy who I believe should be in my All-1980s binder, but he somehow was not selected.  I think he would have a been a better choice than both John Riggins and Roger Craig, however.  I personally would replace Riggins. But why, why, why is representing the Broncos on this card?  Who made that decision?  Dorsett was a Cowboy, end of story.  No one remembers him in blue and orange.  The question with the Montana/Young rivals is which binder it goes to: 1980s or BYU?  Just because of current slots in my pages, it will represent Young in the BYU binder.

Here we have arguably the premier offensive and defensive players of the 80s.  When I opened the envelope, I was sure I had the Taylor, but after opening the binder, I found I still needed it.  Great looking cards here.

Now here is a product that I have opened myself.  I've decided to complete 2016 Panini and one of the inserts.  I was trying to decide between the Accolades and the Legends of the Shield.  Well, thanks to SCC, I'm a quarter-war finished with both, so what the hey--I'll complete both insert sets.  Wantlists for the base and these two inserts sets have been updated on my wantlist page.

Thanks for the cool inserts, SCC!  I'll keep gathering some Giants for you, and I'm sure I've got more late 90s inserts you might want in the future.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed!

    I will have to check on your Want lists for the donruss to see if I can help.

    I look forward to the next one! Thank you again as well