Friday, October 14, 2016

Some Baseball Cards Come to Life

I've already shared some football cards I got from Baseball Cards Come to Life.  Now for those of you who have more a of an appetite for baseball, here you go:

We'll start this off with a couple of Cubbies.  I like cards that feature my favorite play in baseball, the double play.  I especially love the shot on this Sandberg, though, because it shows a different angle from most of the double dips in my collection.

Here are some All-Star MVPs for my collection.  I love this Cal.  The moment appears to be a missed opportunity to turn two, but the way it just looks like he is staring down the runner is great.  The Jeter is actually the back of a shiny card with Luis Gonzalez on the front.

This Piazza is a mystery to me.  It's a mini, obviously, and it's a 1999 Pacific production.  Beyond that, I'm not sure what I have here.
Pretty much all of Pacific's release mystify me.  I can never tell what I'm looking at.  Can anybody help me out on this?

Finally, we have some cards to fit into my Rookie of the Year binder.  The Nomo on the right is just an example of what makes Stadium Club one of the best products around.  I'm a fan of both of those Longorias.  (Can I pluralize his name like that?  It just looks so odd.)  I seem to have more lenticular Evan Longoria cards than is normal, and think this one is the third unique Longoria lenticular I have.

Thanks for a great trade, Bo!  Next time I'll up my game to match your trade package.


  1. The Piazza appears to belong here: