Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Overdue TCDB Roundup (Part 1)

I don't think I've posted a single TCDB trade on this blog this year. I haven't been inactive, but I haven't been tearing through my tradelists, either. I've probably done three or four trades per month in 2021. Instead of posting them trade by trade, I'll lump some cards together in a theme for a few posts.

My second biggest focus for my baseball collection (behind completing some long overdue sets) has been building my All-Star Collection. I've been trying to fill a box with at least one card of any player who ever received All-Star honors. A related project has been to complete a Frankenset of only players who were All-Stars. This group of cards will fit one of those two projects.

Same for these cards.

And these.

And these. And after seeing all of these images of former All-Stars, are there any that surprise you? Or that you forgot about? There are some pretty great cards here, but it's hard to beat the 1982 Reggie Smith as my favorite.

And yes, there are All-Stars here, but these cards are going to my Rookie of the Year collection. I don't know that I've ever done a vintage for vintage swap before, but 1960 Jack Sanford came in exchange for a 1970 Emerson Boozer. I may not have the strongest vintage collection, but I take that small milestone as a sign that it's slowly growing.

This final group is a hodge-podge of different collection hits. Juan Marichal for my All-Star MVPs collection; Kyle Seager and Dean Palmer for the All-Star projects; Joe Black and Tommy Agee for the Rookie of the Year binders; a multi-player Cubs card; and Jeremy Guthrie, former BYU Cougar.

The pictures may be all mixed up, but recent traders who get credit for these new acquisitions are the following TCDB users:


Thanks to all for the trades! Future roundups will show the rest of the TCDB trade returns.


  1. Nice! I recognize a few of those names though I don't think I've traded with any of them yet. I really like those acetate Pinnacle of Success inserts.

  2. I've traded with two of those names. Hard to believe all of those guys were All-Stars at some point!

  3. I recognize almost all of the names from the TCDb forums and I've had very nice trades with two of them (herkojerko and nwcardsupplies). Hopefully I'll have nice trades with the others in the near future. Congrats on some nice pickups!

  4. I like the All-Star collection ideas! I've tinkered with something similar, just with Red Sox All-Stars though. I wonder how many total All-Stars there have been?