Thursday, December 22, 2022

Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Three years ago, I announced the completion of my Brad Sorensen refractor rainbow. I was still two cards shy of actual completion, but since I had never once seen the gold refractor (/50) or 1/1 superfractor for sale, I didn't have much hope of ever finishing it off.

This is a short, simple post to announce: there is indeed "gold" at the end of this rainbow. Last month, I found a long-sought-after gold refractor on COMC and I pounced. Now I can call it done. I have zero expectation that I will ever find the superfractor, though I do wonder where it is.

In order, base, refractor, x-fractor, prism refractor, red, pink, orange, GOLD, camo, blue wave, blue, purple, sepia, black. DONE.

And here is how it looks in pages (and then onto the flagship base on parallels).

And this will probably be the only rainbow I ever chase.


  1. Quite an achievement! That must have taken some dedication.

  2. Awesome! Hopefully some day you see, and acquire the superfractor.

  3. Never say never, 1/1's still show up quite a bit on eBay. Congratulations on finally finding this one though, your patience paid off!

  4. Congratulations on finding the gold refractor. Hopefully the super eventually lands up in your collection.

  5. This is fantastic! Congrats on completing this rainbow. If you find the 1/1 then that's even better. But this looks complete to me.