Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Santas Gifting Cardboard

Santa never leaves cards under my tree. Seriously, nobody in my family has given the gift of cardboard to me since probably my 13th birthday. But I had a couple of different Santas send me packages this year.

First of all was TCDB user gooeraser. He was my TCDB Secret Santa. He was so secret that even after opening the package, I just learned today when vroomed posted his big reveal on the TCDB forum. Gooeraser sent exactly one thing, but it was a substantial one thing.

An Ichiro-centric boxed set. 25 cards from Upper Card in Tribute to 51. I'd never heard of this set from 2001--his first set in America's Major Leagues--but I'm always happy to add a few cards of a likeable legend, who happens to fit both my Rookie of the Year and All-Star Game MVP.

At the top of the box was a 3x5 card commemorating his AL ROY award. So I guess that makes this technically a 26-card set, huh?

Under the 3x5 card is a box divided into two stacks.

These are a few of my favorite images on the front.

The final five cards pay tribute to some Ichiro's MLB debut milestones, including his first hit, a 23-game hitting streak, and breaking the Mariners' single-season hit record.

This is something I never would have thought of finding for myself, so I appreciate the surprise addition of Ichiro from gooeraser!

My other Santa was not-so-secret. I signed up for the Not-So-Secret-Santa put on by Chris, the proprietor of the grandest Nachos you've ever seen. He played Santa for anyone who signed up on his blog and asked for some goodies from his wantlist in return. I had found a Barry Larkin he didn't have months ago and it was sitting on my desk, waiting for me to get around to sending it off to him. This was just the kickstart I needed.

Chris sent some fun new additions for my Cubs binders. This includes my first card of former Top 100 prospect Ryan Harvey, who topped out at AA and never reached the Show.

He rounded out the package with a few ASG MVP, ROY, and All-Time All-Star collection hits. I have to say, I really like Topps Lineage. The design should have been a Flagship design.

Thanks to both of my Santas for delivering some great cardboard. And thanks to Chris and Dan (vroomed) for taking the time to put together this Christmastime fun!


  1. I have a few of those Tribute to 51 Ichiro cards sitting in my binder. Wasn't sure if they were inserts or part of a box set, but thanks to this post... I now know. I'm thinking I should just grab a set, pop it open, and fill out my binder.

  2. It always seems weird to me when someone's family knows what they collect, or what kind of hobby they partake in, but never gift them anything related to that particular interest.

  3. Neat stuff! I'd never seen that Ichiro set before. And NG sent you a nice return for that Larkin. I love that Wrigley Field '94 Score CL and the 2011 Lineage singles.

    Happy New Year Trevor!