Monday, December 4, 2017

Collect-a-Set (and Some PCs)--A TCDB Trade

In October (yes, I really am that far behind in my posts) I completed a massive trade with TCDB user Collect-a-Set that included 100 cards on both sides.  True to his name, Mr. Collect-a-Set seemed to be looking to build some sets, including 2015 Topps flagship baseball and football.  I, on the other hand, mostly hit my PCs from his tradelist.

First, the Packers.  Looking at the James Jones card, I wondered if this was from one of his good seasons or bad.  Jones seemed to alternate between dropping everything that came his way and scoring touchdowns like it was going out of style.  It would appear that this particular photo was from Week 1 in 2012, when Jones scored the first of his 14 TDs that season.  I'd say this was a good season.  I also love the Randall Cobb.  I'm a sucker for Lambeau Leap cards.

I scored a quintet of rookie cards of All-1990s defenders in this trade.  I have never really agreed with Levon Kirkland's inclusion on this team.  I think his teammate, Greg Lloyd, would have made a better selection.  Perhaps my bias is due to the fact that  cardboard seems to be in short supply, but I think it's more football related than that.  Consider:
  • Lloyd had 707 tackles to Kirkland's 771.
  • Lloyd had 54.5 sacks to Kirkland's 19.5
  • Both finished with 11 interceptions.
  • Lloyd made 5 Pro Bowls and 3 1st Team All-Pro; Kirkland made 2 Pro Bowls and 1 1st-Team All-Pro.
I don't know how Greg Lloyd was snubbed.  It could possibly be that Kirkland was an inside backer and Lloyd was outside, but that argument doesn't make sense, since the all-decade team doesn't seem to differentiate.  Plus, the 2nd-Team All-1990s team has one outside backer and two inside backers (Kirkland and Hardy Nickerson).  It just doesn't make sense to me.

Moving on, here are some more 1990s greats.  These cards scream nineties to me.  Gold foil, the brand new Patriots logo, outlandish Score designs, and Collector's Edge.  I have to admit, though: that Carnell Lake is a sweet card.

I have a feeling that the pictures from these cards came from the same play.  After all, how often does a defensive tackle have the ball in the end zone?  However, I can't find anything that says Millard scored during this game.  Rams cornerback Jerry Gray was named MVP of the Pro Bowl, so I find it hard to believe that Millard scored a touchdown and another defensive player took home the MVP.  Does anybody know where I can find a boxscore for the 1990 Pro Bowl?  Either way, I like the look of these two cards side-by-side in my binder.

All of these player are on the All-1980s team.  This set, however, came from 1993.  It's got quite the 90s feel to it, despite the fact that all of these players had their heyday in the 80s.

On to the baseball.  Jeff Conine may have been crowned "Mr. Marlin," but here he is seen as an Oriole.  These are my only cards of Conine as an Oriole.  I prefer to collect his Marlin cards because that's when he won the All-Star Game MVP award.

Here are some former Rookies of the Year.  None of them did too much to follow up their freshman campaign.

Finally, I received my first two Scott Williamson cards.  He fits in my collection as a ROY, but his career is made up entirely of black hole years in my collection.  Needless to say, his binder page needs some work.

As I said before, 100 cards exchanged hands on both sides during this trade.  This just represents the highlights.  Thanks for reading, and happy collecting.

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