Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cubs Box Post-Script, Basketball Style

I mentioned earlier that Kerry had thrown some Jazz cards in the Cubs box for me.  I'll just show off a few here, since I forgot that part in my last post.  Here are some of my favorite.  Shiny legend John Stockton is always fun.  The Optic Hall Kings insert is especially cool.  Rookie Donovan Mitchell has been one of the NBA's best stories this year, and has stepped into the role of superstar for a team that desperately needed it.  The fanbase was optimistic when D-Mitch was drafted, but how quickly he has become The Man for the team exceeds anybody's wildest dreams.  These are the first cards I have of him.

Last year I took my oldest son to his first Jazz game. George Hill was lights out as the Jazz routed the Nuggets, so my son became a George Hill fan.  This year, I took my second oldest to his first Jazz game.  The Jazz played about the worst I've ever seen an NBA team play, but Joe Ingles was the best performer on the team that night.  Naturally, my younger boy gravitated to "Slow-Mo" Joe.  These cards belong to my boys now.  Thanks, Kerry!

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