Saturday, December 23, 2017

Favorite Card of 2017

For whatever reason, deciding on my favorite card of 2017 was difficult.  I think it boils down to the fact that I didn't get any cards produced in 2017 that made me say, "Wow!"  I got plenty of awesome cards, but the ones that I got and couldn't take my eyes off came from other years.  As unpopular as Flagship was this year, I think there was some outstanding photography that made it a pretty good set.  Most of the cards I considered came from this set.

I don't have a countdown this year, but I will share some of the cards that crossed my mind when P-Town Tom announced his contest.

Earlier this month, I tried some Topps Gallery.  I pulled this Masterpiece insert.  It's beautiful in-hand.  In fact, this insert set is probably my favorite set of 2017.  But the subject matter of Brian Dozier just isn't enough to be my favorite card.


Another card I considered was chosen by the web's most well-known Angels blogger, Tom from Angels in Order.  This card is so cool, and Andrelton Simmons's defensive prowess is certainly worthy of a fiery celebration, but it just wasn't enough to be my favorite.

I think this card, already shown off by Night Owl, is probably my favorite.  But, alas, I don't own it.  I just have seen it enough on the blogs for it to pop into my mind immediately when I thought of best card of 2017.


P-Town Tom himself already showed this card on his blog.  It's great, with Bryant celebrating the World Series on the front and Schwarbs on the back.  This would probably be my runner-up.

Even though I didn't choose the card above, from the beginning, I thought that there were enough cards celebrating the Cubs World Series to choose one from them.  A Heritage TV design?  Possibly?  The Cubs flying the W?  Also in the mix.  But no one single card stood out to me.  Then last week I bought another pack of Update, and it solved my problem.  There, in probably my last pack of 2017, was my favorite card of the year.

And here it is.  The Cubbies celebration parade, with Heyward, Bryant, Fowler, and Rizzo.  The only negative to this card is the fact that the player front and center in the card was one of the first to leave following the championship.  But that is such a minor drawback that I don't feel like I could choose another card.  2017 was the year of Cubs celebration cards, and I don't think I could tire of it.  This is my favorite of those 2017 cards.