Friday, December 8, 2017

I Have a New Favorite Card

. . . and, no, this is not for P-Town Tom's best card of 2017 contest.  I'm still working on that.  This is simply a new addition to my collection that is my absolute favorite among the thousands I own.  This favorite card is not from 2017.  But it did come in a 2017 TCDB trade with rodine.  This was my second trade with rodine this year and it required a little bit of haggling to get it done.  However, when this card was part of the original proposal, I knew I couldn't let the deal die.

First, three cards from a fun insert set: Opening Day's Opening Day.  This is why I like Opening Day--it celebrates one of my favorite days of the year.  In the case of this insert, it's a literal celebration of Opening Day.  It's a small set, but I only pulled one out of packs this year and I've been building the rest through trades.

Next, I received a single card from another insert set that I am building.  Perspectives caught my eye last year and I wanted the set from the beginning.  This is one of the better shots in a set full of great photography.

Rodine also sent me a few Gracies I needed.  I think I love every card here.  Early Upper Deck SP, a great shot of Grace coming down the third base line, an outstanding flip to the pitcher covering first (presumably), and two designs I've always loved in 1997 Fleer and Ultra.  Not to mention a Pinnacle Inside, which I never even heard of back in the day.

Two of my heroes when I was growing up, Emmitt Smith and Brett Favre.  I soured on Smith when the Cowboys went on a run of knocking the Packers out of the playoffs three years in a row, but I'm happy to have these two cards.

As great as these cards are, none of them have become my favorite card.  No, I have saved the best for last.  What, you ask, is my new favorite card in my collection?  What could be so rare as to knock my pack-pulled Kyle Schwarber 1/1 rookie off the top?  What could could be so valuable as to push my LaDainian Tomlinson autographed patch aside?  What could be so . . . oh, nevermind.  You get it.  It's not extremely valuable, old, or rare.  But I coveted it and now I own it.  Here it is:

A 1986 Topps Reggie White rookie!  The all-knowing Beckett only values this card at $15, but this card is iconic to me and one that I have wanted since I was a kid.  And now I have it.  Big thanks to TCBD user rodine for a great trade.  It's definitely one I will remember.

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