Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Brad Sorensen Additions: 2018

Anybody who reads this blog knows that I collect BYU players.  It has become a bigger and bigger focus for me over the past couple of years.  However, I don't claim BYU as my alma mater.  Yes, I do hold a degree from BYU, but it's a graduate degree and I took all of my courses off-campus.  If anybody asks where I went to school, the answer is Southern Utah University.  During my time there, SUU had no football program to speak of.  Well, there was a program.  What they lacked was wins.  A small school with a team that can't beat anybody even at its own level doesn't generate much gridiron excitement.  It wasn't until after I graduated that things started to pick up.  Just six years ago, the school had its first NFL draft pick: QB Brad Sorensen.  So even though everybody sees the BYU accumulations on here, its easy to forget that one of my greatest hobby prides is that I'm probably the only Brad Sorensen collector out there.  No COMC order is complete without a Brad Sorensen included and his name is the only saved search I have on ebay.  The problem is that he doesn't have too many cards.  If I wanted, I could keep buying the same cards over and over, but that's not my style.  As it stands, I currently own 59 unique Sorensens, of 305 cards listed on the Trading Card Database.  I have a ways to go, certainly, before I can call my collection complete.

Here are all of the unique Brad Sorensens I added this year.

I picked up some parallels.  With the pink refractor addition, I'm only two away from the rainbow.  I need the gold refractor, numbered to 50, and the red numbered to 25.  I guess there are three remaining if you count the superfractor, but I have no hope of ever seeing that one.

And more parallels.  The Fleer Retro Showcase Legacy Collection card on the right is a mouthful to say, but a beautiful piece of cardboard.

Obviously, autos are easier to come by than other cards at this point.  Actually, I've found that to be the case with many smaller name players in recent sets.  Those players typically get rookie cards with tons of parallels and autos, and then are never seen on cardboard again.  There autographs and parallels of autographs galore.  Meanwhile, he has eight non-auto base cards.

This one might be my favorite Sorensen card.  It's shiny and metallic in-hand, and the auto is on-card.  It really is beautiful.

I used my ebay bucks at some point in 2018 to pick up the first printing plate in my collection.  This one is the yellow plate from Panini Black.

I'm pretty sure most of you don't have Brad Sorensen cards lying around, but if you do, I'll take them on if we can work out a trade.

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  1. These are the kind of player collections I love to see! It honestly bores me when people collect the top players.