Thursday, January 31, 2019

Group Break Boxes Are Broken

It's time for the results of my second ever group break.  I think I learned that more people are eager to participate in baseball breaks, but it was fun to sit and rip open a bunch of packs. 

Some short details before we get into the videos. First, there were three participants in the break besides myself.  These are the teams.

Angus: Browns, Cowboys
FiresNBeers: Chiefs, Jets
jmkidd: Seahawks, Cardinals

Second, since I didn't have eight participants for the Super Bowl outcome randomization, I had to change it up a little.  In short, if the Patriots win on Sunday, jmkidd will receive an extra Seahawks hit from my collection, and if the Saints win, FiresNBeers will receive an extra Chiefs hit.  Sorry, Angus, the randomizer left you out of that one.

All of the above random decisions are seen on the videos before the breaks.  Now on to the breaks!

**Now that I have written that, my videos are taking a long time to upload.

 I will get them up ASAP, but let this post serve as notice that the boxes have been busted and video taken.  I will keep all those who have a stake in the break posted.