Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Favorite Card of 2018 . . . I Guess

I've been thinking for a long time about my card of 2018.  Nothing has really popped out.  I'm not insinuating that 2018 was a bad year for cards.  It's just that I have cut back my collecting expenses in a big way over the past year.  And what I did spend was usually not on new products.  Thus, my exposure to 2018 cards has been limited.  Still, I've wanted to show something.  I had a list of cards that I enjoyed adding to my collection.  I was planning on going over that list and making a decision.  And then . . . I lost the list.  One card from that list has stayed in my mind.  I'm taking that as a sign.  If I had a dozen or so candidates, but I can only remember one, then that one card must be my favorite.  Right?  So, even though this card has already appeared on this blog, allow me to present my favorite card of 2018.

An autograph of the only BYU player to be drafted in 2018.  Warner was an outstanding athlete for the Cougs, and the 49ers picked him up in the third round.  Sport Card Collecting blogger Matt pulled this card before the draft and said it was up for grabs as long as the Giants didn't grab Warner.  I was glad they didn't, as I was able to swing a trade for one more Cougar alumni auto.

I admit it's not much to look at.  My favorite card of the year is a logo-less college card.  But it means a lot to me and my collection, so it has been chosen.

Thank you to P-Town Tom for this Card of the Year contest.  I've enjoyed seeing what everybody liked this year.


  1. I think that is great. Different cards mean different things to different people. Glad you are so excited with the card and shared for your highlight of 2018.

    1. I echo Bulldog's comments. Thanks for participating!