Thursday, January 24, 2019

No Box Was Broken in This Box Break

Last summer, Kerry at Cards on Cards ran a 10th Anniversary Group Break.  I picked up a slot in that break, but it was an interesting slot.  In fact, none of the cards I got in the break could have possibly come from the boxes Kerry was opening.  He was opening baseball boxes; I opted to receive NFL cards. You see, along with the teams in the group break, Kerry put together some lots of other cards that could be claimed.

When the cards from my slot in the "break" came, I was amazed at how many there were. I expected to see something like a team bag, but no.  This is what was in my mailbox.

A lot of cards, that's what.  No doubt that something in all of this would be some cards I would need.  The Cowboys tattoo I don't need, so I'm thinking of sending it to SCC.  I'm sure he'll want it.

There was a smattering of all kinds of things in box, mostly between 1990-2008, leaning strongly toward the 90s.  It turns out there was a lot in there that fit into my collection, including 1993 Pro Set, which I previously had none of.

One cool Pro Set card that didn't fit into my collection, except under "Cool Card I Think I'll Keep," was this card of Francis "Bucko" Kilroy.  From the back of this card, I learned that Kilroy had been in the NFL since 1943, when he came in as a player.  He was even an All-Pro during his career.  The really cool thing about this card to me, however, was learning that Kilroy was considered one of the first five talent scouts in the league.  Very cool.

Going back in time a little, we have some 1988 Topps 1000 Yard Club inserts.  This package inspired me on to another set build. I only need 13 more, so why not?

Also from the 80s, some stickers of stars that I need.

Here are some guys that I only care about for their college days.  The Sam Bradford is an SP photo variation.  When I first saw it out of the box, I thought something looked different.  It turns out that I had the base already, and that's why this version looked unfamiliar.

There was a lot of good trade bait included, too, and some of it has already been made part of some TCDB trades.  Big thanks to Kerry for free "break," and a belated congratulations on 10 years of bloggerhood.


  1. Thanks for helping me get rid of cards! Unfortunately, I keep ending up with more cards I don't really need.

  2. Yes, send that tattoo to Matt, he is a big-time Cowboys fan after all :P