Thursday, September 16, 2021

2021 Football Packs: Panini Prestige

Last week, I wrote about a create-your-own blaster I put together from eBay. I still haven't found any blasters on a shelf for a while, but I did manage to stumble across some packs at Wal-Mart a month ago, to my great surprise. I found fat packs of A&G and Prestige. It wasn't hard to decide which to get. I'm not an A&G collector, but I wind up completing the Prestige football set about every other year. I chose two packs of Prestige.

The base cards are a little busy with all the white lines running everywhere, but it's not too bad. Definitely one that I have no problem putting together the set. In my two packs, I received 33 of the 200 veteran base cards and 4 dupes.

Each pack contained four rookie cards. No huge names, but some first round picks. I know Matt likes that Toney kid. Throwing the rookies into my set build, I have 41 of 300 base cards (13.7%)--still a ways to go.

Each fat pack had two Xtra Point Sunbursts. Jones and Henry on the top join my collection. Hardman and Shenault are up for trade.

I decided two insert sets were worth chasing. I really like the Living Legends set and the Power House has a nice look and an interesting checklist. Here is my start.

These inserts are all up for grabs. I just now am noticing all the initials in this group. CeeDee, DK, and TY FTW!

I really would like to complete this base set and the two selected insert sets. I don't have my wantlist up yet, but I don't own too much, so it's all pretty much a need. I haven't seen another pack to buy since then, which is frustrating. Needless to say, this set build hasn't reached priority status yet. But if you have some you'd like to trade, let me know!


  1. I have also found fat packs of these cards and do like the cards. I also like the Living Legends inserts. I know I owe you some cards so I would be willing to help you with cards for this set. I would be interested in the Tua insert.

  2. Great Toney! If only the Giants saw him that way.

  3. I'm not a fan of all the white on these cards. Great pull though. You hit on plenty of great names including Brady and Mahomes.

  4. It's nice to see someone like Gastineau in a modern insert set.